Nyssfit Instructions


Nyssfit Instructions

The NYSSfit wrist aid is specially designed to aid golfers with the correct wrist movement through impact. It is fitted with a spring in the middle, which allows for a natural movement through the stroke, as apposed to a stiff rigid movement. Designed for putting and chipping, you can now feel exactly what the pros do around the greens, and apply it to your game.


1. Place the cup that does not have the strap on, on your thigh, position the other cup to your desired height on your forearm, and strap in place. (Fig. A)

2. You are now good to go. Simply fit it NYSS and level between your forearms, compress the spring, and putt. (Fig. B)

3. Moving the NYSSfit closer to the wrists, so lower down, will allow for more compression of the spring, which puts more outward pressure on your forearms restricting any movement, training your muscle memory. Moving it higher up, will have less compression on the spring, allowing for less outward pressure on the forearms, guiding you to repeat your new muscle memory.


1. Fit the same as for putting.

2. The spring allows for a minimal, natural movement of the wrists exactly as you see the pros doing it on TV. Keeping your wrists nice and steady throughout your chip, allowing you to train and groove the correct muscle memory. (Fig. C/D)

For more information and instructional video, click here