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The NYSSfit (Patent No. 2011/09148) wrist aid is specially designed to aid golfers with the correct wrist movement through impact. It is fitted with a spring in the middle, which allows for a natural movement through the stroke, as opposed to a stiff rigid movement. Designed for putting and chipping, you can now feel exactly what the pros do around the greens and apply it to your game.

This specially designed aid has two very unique qualities to it:

1. It has a spring in the middle, allowing for a natural and not a stiff or rigid movement through impact, giving the golfer the correct information whilst training, in turn enabling them to repeat that correct information without the assistance of the NYSSfit.

2. Both cups that attach to your forearms will clip off if the movement is incorrect, more with chipping. All professionals, and your club pro will be telling you to not get too active with your wrists through impact (see videos). If you do, the cup will clip off - don't panic, you haven't broken it, simply clip it back in, and keep practicing until you feel the correct movement. Move the NYSSfit up or down your forearms until you find your comfortable fit. The NYSSfit is designed for chipping and for putting, as seen in the videos..