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    PuttGenie Video

    Watch our video which clearly explains the advantages of using PuttGenie.

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    PuttGenie are golf balls designed to help the golfer roll the ball correctly.

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    The NYSSfit wrist aid is specially designed to aid golfers with the correct wrist movement through impact.

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    PUTTGENIE caps

    Now available in our shop through popular demand!
    Get yours today and join the PUTTGENIE family.

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  • Welcome to the NYSSgolf website. The NYSSfit and PuttGenie are specially designed to help you improve your short game, or as I like to call it, your "scoring game".

  • They were both designed with one specific goal in mind, keep it as simple and as natural as possible, with useful and instant feedback. I am sure that I am not the only golfer out there that was hungry for accurate instant feedback that makes sense and I can work with it straight away!

  • I love what Puttgenie has done for my putting, I now have a much better idea of what i'm supposed to work on with my putting, training my eyes has been amazing, I would never have worked on my eye's, thank you Puttgenie.

    - Chris Cilliers, 2 handicap golfer
  • I wake up every morning, pull out my Puttgenie's and work on my putting, I can see the difference in my roll now, and am a lot more confident with my stroke.

    - Brad Fox, 4 handicap golfer
  • Training my eye's has been amazing for me, I make more putts now just because I'm starting the ball off on the correct line.

    - Keanu Pestana, 2 handicap golfer
  • Before every round of golf I play, I have to use my Puttgenie's to warm up, just to understand my stroke, I always have a good laugh with my friends though, because they say i can't afford a full golf ball.

    - Mike Sikikhane, 14 handicap golfer
  • Things are going great. Been practicing with PuttGenie and my game on the greens has improved drastically.

    - Jason Mylroie, deputy editor of Compleat Golfer
  • The best value I get out of the PuttGenie is that it acts a as a lineup aid. It educates me on the contact through the golf ball. If my putter-face is square, I get a good roll. If it's open, the ball goes left. If it's shut, the ball goes right.

    - James Kingston, European Tour Player
  • Hey Dean, that is one amazing gadget of yours. Feeling I can't duff anymore.

    - Dave Baird, 5-handicap Golfer
  • Great putting aids!

    - Ralf Rolle, 12-handiap Golfer